Epic Route 66: Day Five

Goal: Pasadena, CA

We made our way to Pasadena on the Fourth of July. The temperature as we drove through the seemingly endless Mojave Desert exceeded 112 degrees Fahrenheit.

It kind of speaks to our mood and how much energy we had at this point, that none of us took pictures on the road this day. I have looked through each of our cameras (including the kids’ cameras). There is not even a back-seat selfie featuring a backdrop of the desert.

Also, when it comes to staying true to following the Mother Road, we kind of fell short a bit this day. There is a stretch in Arizona where Route 66 takes a steep path northward. I have to say we did not follow the road at this point. Unfortunately, we missed a planned stop in Oatman, AZ, where there is an old west town and wild burros that you can feed in the street. But we were more concerned with making it to our destination safely and early enough to be able to enjoy the Fourth of July. And keeping in mind that Route 66 is all about the freedom of the open road and the freedom to explore the country (see Epic Route 66), we made our decision to push through the desert to our destination.

Important footnote: When traveling through a desert in America, make sure children understand that they will not see any camels. My daughter was disappointed that there were no camels in the Mojave Desert.

Important travel tip: Make sure to gas up your car when the opportunity is there. Gas stations are few and far between on this leg of the journey.

Another important travel tip: Make sure to feed yourself and your family when the opportunity is there. Restaurants are few and far between on this leg of the journey.

We pulled into our motel (the HIGHLY recommended Saga Motor Hotel – see Preparing Adults for an Epic Family Trip) early in the evening, with big plans to experience the Fourth of July fireworks from the Rose Bowl celebration. After a quick dip in the pool, however, we retired to our beds, ordered a pizza (from the delicious Pizza Press located next door to the motel), and enjoyed watching the fireworks on TV. Needless to say, we were all exhausted and slept well that night.

Day 5 Goal: Accomplished


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